journal of dialogic anthropology

Appropriating Creative Practices and Spaces of Leisure
vol 3, issue 1

Adam Kaul, Tamara Kohn and Hazel Tucker
On Creative Appropriation

Hazel Tucker
Appropriations in the air: hot-air ballooning and changing tourism relationships

Ema Pires
Reading Emptiness: On Tourism, Appropriation and Contested Spaces. Ema Pires

Peter Mewett and Kim Toffoletti
Voices from the margins?:
Women at the footy

Patrick McAllister
Contest and co-operation in a local commemoration of nation: New Zealand's Waitangi Day

Anselma Gallinat
Controlling creativity and creating professionals?: Mind 'the line' at a newspaper editorial office

Yoko Demelius
Ownership and Appropriation in Dance Creation: A Process of Trial and Error and Collaborative Minds