journal of dialogic anthropology

Work Life: Flexibility, Globalization, Life-project and Identity
vol 2, issue 2
(2010 Re-Issue)

Andrew Dawson and Carla Dahl-Jorgensen
Editorial: Work Life: Flexibility, Globalization, Life-Project and Identity

Mark Johnson, Nerys Roberts and Andrew Dawson
NCTs and the possibility of a genuinely dialogic anthropology

Marietta L. Baba and Carla Dahl-Jørgensen
Work Migration from Poland to Norway: A New Institutional Approach

Turid Sætermo
Migration as Livelihood

Jens Røyrvik & Olav Eggebø
Penguins or sparrows? What we talk about when we talk about migration

Marte F. Giskeødegård
Contextualizing the Globalization of Work

Benedicte Brøgger
Work Tasks on the Move - Local Consequences of Global Divisions of Labour

Kirsti S. Anthum
Van Gennep Meets the Scorpion: the Structuring of Work in an Internet Company

Emil A. Røyrvik
The Sociality of Securitization: Symbolic Weapons of Mass Deception

Anne Sigfrid Grønseth
Tamils in low status work in Norway: Creating stigma and opportunities?

Andrew Dawson
Farewell Cosmopolitan Workplace

Nigel Rapport
Civil Work: Working to Overcome Differences

Jonathan Skinner
Work/Leisure Balances and the Creation of a Carnival Cosmopolitanism amongst Salsa Dancers