Interpreting Ancient Monuments Using Hypermedia

Cornelius Holtorf, Cambridge University

This contribution shows how and why I have used hypermedia technology in a larger study entitled 'Monumental Past. Interpreting the meanings of ancient monuments in later prehistoric Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)'. While many of the main features of this larger work are reproduced here, the main body and argument is only presented in examples. I hope that you will be able to appreciate (and critically comment upon) what I have done in general terms, while not being overwhelmed by too much detail. I intend to publish my work in full elsewhere. The documents presented here summarise four years of Doctoral research conducted between 1994-1998, while being based at the Department of Archaeology, University of Wales, Lampeter and supported by a Departmental Research Scholarship and a Studentship of the British Academy.

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